Glass Half-Full : Why it’s time to ditch plastic bottles and give glass a go

Here at Little Green Home we are firmly on team glass bottle. And we’re not alone. As the fastest growing sector in the baby bottles market, the glass bottle is becoming more and more popular with parents who want to shop ethically and have complete peace of mind when they’re feeding their babies and toddlers. If you’re reluctant to make the switch from plastic to glass or you haven’t even considered the option we’re going to do our best to persuade you. Here we go!

Glass Bottles are:

Chemical and Toxin free
Our number one reason for reaching for glass is the complete peace of mind that zero chemicals are being leached from the bottle into the milk. With plastic bottles, even BPA free plastic bottles, there is no 100% guarantee that harmful compounds contained in plastic aren’t being transferred into the whatever liquid your bottle contains and many academics argue that this is entirely possible. Microwaving plastic is also thought to be encourage the migration of toxins from plastic to food and drink so the easy answer is to cut out the plastic all together and opt for glass which is made from all natural ingredients and is completely neutral and non porous.

Planet Friendly

Put simply, glass is much better for the environment than plastic. With a glut of plastic filling our oceans, smothering our planet and leaking into our food chain we all need to make responsible and intelligent choices for ourselves and future families. Glass is definitely the more responsible and ethical alternative. Made out of abundant natural resources and with a relatively low energy, manufacturing process compared to plastic, and far more easy to recycle, glass wins hands down.


The Life Factory bottles stocked at Little Green Home have been tried and tested to the nth degree and one of the reasons we couldn’t wait to stock them was that they are so resilient. Not only do they come with a protective silicone sleeve, they are made from borosilicate glass that means they can go from freezer to boiling water safely and can be put in the microwave and the dishwasher. If you ever did break a glass bottle you can rest-easy that your bottle can easily be recycled and won’t end up in landfill like plastic.


Hands up who’s taken a sip from their child’s sucky cup and tasted the distinct flavour of dishwasher detergent? Yes, plastic does absorb smells and flavours over time and small scratches which often occur in the surface of plastic bottles make it much easier for bacteria to linger. Glass on the other hand is non-absorbent, can be safely washed in a dishwasher, is non-scratch and can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Forget all images of banana shaped bottles with dark brown teats a la Call the Midwife, modern glass bottle designs are sleek, minimal and ergonomic. A vast array of mainstream bottle makers now include glass versions in their ranges and at the risk of sounding biased (we are) our Life Factory bottles are proper eye candy, coming in a range of fab colours thanks to their easy-to-grip, laser cut silicone sleeves that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. And let’s not forget that glass stays crystal clear no matter how many times it is washed.

Cost effective
The initial outlay might be a little more but these bottles last and last without going cloudy, taking on funny smells or getting scratched. You can also adapt the teat to become a sippy lid or a flat lid so that the bottle has a never-ending life until it finally gets recycled far in the distant future.

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