Merry Mindful Christmas

Tis the season to feel like a headless chicken, grabbing gifts and gobbling food, but there are a few ways to slow the Christmas carousel down and savour the moment…


1. Brown Paper Parcels all Wrapped up in String

Ditch the printed and metallic wrapping paper in favour of traditional, more eco-friendly brown paper. Much cheaper and much chicer too! Keep your parcels minimal and cool by choosing an accent colour ribbon to tie them up with or spend some time printing or drawing your own images onto the paper with the kids.

2. Shop Small, Shop Independent

Well, we would say that wouldn’t we? But seriously, buying your presents from small businesses who really put their all into curating and packaging up your orders is so much more rewarding than swelling the coffers of huge business machines. As the saying goes, an actual person does a little dance when you buy from an independent business and it’s much easier to check where and how your purchases have been made.

3. Write Out The Menu

Make mini menus for Christmas dinner, detailing all the delicious morsels that are being served up. This is a great job to give to the kids and really adds a lovely touch to the table. Diners will relish the meal even more and the chefs will feel that their work has really been savoured and not just wolfed down by the pack.

Papier menus

4. Homemade Decorations

There’s something so lovely about sitting together making paper chains or even your own wreath. A covered hula hoop makes a great base for an impressive wreath and can be recycled every year.

5. Homemade Gifts

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive and shiny to really warm those cockles. Homemade chutneys, jams, biscuits, truffles and little keepsakes like covered match boxes tied up with candles all make gorgeous, thoughtful gifts. And if you simply don’t have time for cooking or making, how about a voucher pledging your time/ skills/ help over the New Year. Priceless!

6. Choose Wisely

It’s so easy to mindlessly shop your way through your list of family and friends just to get the job done but try to think about the materials and longevity of what you’re buying. This may sound obvious but who hasn’t received or bought a gift that has ended up going into landfill within six months? Novelty singing fish on a plaque anyone? The below might be a better idea!

From Babies With Love nautical nesting cubes

7. Take a Hike

No, really. Take some time out from the Quality Street and endless Agatha Christie re-runs to go for a long walk. It’s a great way to break up the day, get some air in those lungs and connect as a family. The sofa will feel even better when you get back!

8. P’s & Q’s

If you’ve got a big family, you’re just hugely popular or you have lots of children ripping open presents like they’re looking for Wonka bars, it’s really easy to lose track of who has given who what. Keep a notebook at hand so that you can write down all the details as each present is opened. This slows down the shredding frenzy and makes than you letter writing so much easier.


9. Make a Wish Tree

Did you know that Christmas Trees were originally called wishing or kissing trees? The kissing part is pretty much covered by mistletoe, but why not bring back the wishing aspect, by asking everyone to tie a ribbon or a written wish onto the branches of your Christmas tree?


10. Calligraphy

The art of handwriting is hugely popular and there is nothing more soothing than the sweep of ink against paper. Hand write gift tags or place settings in your best sloping script to add a personal touch. Check out the Polar Post and Scribble & Daub for inspiration.

Polar Post 

11. Visit the neighbours

If you know an elderly neighbour who will be celebrating Christmas alone this year, drop round with some mincepies and time for a cup of tea or even better, invite them round to yours for a quick bite to eat. A little bit of company is a lifeline for isolated people at this time of year and you will feel all the feels from this little act of kindness.

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